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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Okay, so I have been neglectful of my sista's blog. Having a baby, moving, husband getting a new job, husband being called as seminary teacher and I being called as primary president has really been keeping us busy.

But his blog isn't about me...

Thanksgiving when the elders cooked lunch for the zone...
As for my companion....I am training again! But this time, its a Gringa! :) Her name is Hna Hanvey from American Fork, Utah. She`s tall (like most northamericans ha ha), with beautiful red hair and glasses.
Let`s see, today we actually had a fun P-day. The whole zone went felt a little wierd bcause I haven`t bowled in so long, but guess what? Out of 2 games, I won both games!!! ha ha The elders were dying of shame....ha ha! then we played some ping pong and went to eat pizza. It was nice to do something different.
what we found today on the street...

As y'all (this is a real word here in NC) can see, Hermana Carianne King is healthy and still beautiful, as always. She is still stealing the hearts of all those who come in contact with her. She's a magnet, I know. Don't forget how much she loves Christmas, send her a package!

We get to see her in person the end of February, I can't wait!!!

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