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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sorry for the long hiatus! Hermana King's email address has changed to:

She was very excited to have a baptism this week:
"So guess what?! We had a baptism this week! Of Milagro! Finally!! I didn´t say anything last week, because I didn´t want to have to tell you that it didn´t go through like the week before. But it was great and we have great hope for her as she is getting well-involved with the young women. We did our baptism with the elders from another branch (because we are the only ones with a chapel so all from the zone come to our chapel for their baptisms). And this area that had a baptism is brand brand new and this was their very first baptism! It was exciting! But of course they didn´t bring any members to the baptism (because they don´t have any), but they brought some investigators, and one of them i recognized. After the baptism, I saw her and said, are you Lydia? And she said yes, and said, YOU are the one that first invited me to church! (when we did the contacting activity in Yuscaran)...I remember meeting her in the street with 2 of her sons and we gave her a pamphlet, talked to her a little about the church and invited her. So at the baptism I asked her how she liked the baptism and she A LOT! I said, so when are YOU going to get baptized? And she said soon, soon. (after talking to the elder, he said, they just have to get married and then she will get baptized)....Oh what joy!!! It made me feel so wonderful!! I told the elder to be sure to tell me when she gets baptized because we are coming to her baptism! :) I LOVE this work and how the Lord has His hand in every aspect of it!"

She has been working very hard in her ward and sharing all her musical talents. She is teaching a piano class and is the sole piano player for the ward.

"We are helping several youth prepare their mission papers and all to leave on the mission. It is very exciting because here in the branch, there are 0 return missionaries, so they are trying to get this generation of youth to go as soon as they can (some already have the age, just need to get it all rolling) so that they can come back and strengthen the branch! One girl just put in her papers, and we are about to help another girl and boy fill out their is very exciting!"

She also got a new companion:
"SURPRISE!! We had changes! We totally didn't think we were going to have changes at all...but came the call, and Hna Salgado got transferred out to Choluteca (in the south, where its really HOT) was a big surprise, that I am staying here in the Villa....but oh so happy, because I did NOT want to leave. I feel content that we were good and all before she left...but I am also excited to be with my new companion....and here is another funny thing!!! My new companion is TONGAN!!! My 3rd Polynesian companion, out of 5! Her name is Hna Fuka and she is a cousin (2nd cousins I think) of Hna Naa....but Hna Fuka has lived most of her life in Utah. She has one transfer less than me in the mission. We are both excited to be together and I think we are going to be able to be really powerful together in this area. She struggles quite a bit with the language still but she has a desire to work hard and shares a strong testimony, so I think we are going to be just fine!"

We love her and know she is doing a great work!