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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sorry for the delay, just had a baby so I am behind. Read her letter below- we all knew she was destined for great things. Her new "calling" is just one example of how much the Lord puts so much trust in her!

"So I have lots to tell...this week was full of big changes and things happening!

#1) I surprisingly had changes, not my companion. Sad to only have one change in San was a good area with a lot of potential. I still didn´t get to see that couple married and baptized, but they are on the right path. We also had just found a few awesome families with a lot of potential!! It was hard to leave them all so suddenly and I don´t have any pictures with any of them!!!! Its needless to say, I did not sing in church, nor play the piano... I had changes for the city, I´m back in Teguc. It´s an area called La Joya and it used to be elders. They just switched it to hnas 2 changes ago and the members are LOVING having hnas! They work really well with the missionary work even though they are still growing! They are very well organized and it seems like an awesome ward! We live in a pretty nice house (for honduras and for the mission)...and it´s cool, because we live on a hill almost at the top of the hill, so looking out our window we have an awesome view of Tegucigalpa and its really pretty! I am with Hna Chen, from Guatemala and she is AMAZING!!! She came the same change as Hna Salgado (my daughter) so only has 3 changes in the mission, but is wonderful!! She is sweet and loving, fun and talkative, very easy to live with. She loves the work, and teaches with the spirit! I already love being with her! It will be a good change! She has a powerful testimony and is obedient. I already love her a lot! We have an awesome ward mission leader who has really great ideas and is very helpful!

#2) So our mission nurse, Hna Adams, was an older lady. She and her husband were here on a mission and she was full-time in the office. but her mission just ended this change and went home. And guess who is the new mission nurse? ....yep, your very own, HNA KING! Oh my gosh...what a surprise! I haven´t forgotten practically EVERYTHING (and I´m not exaggerating when I say that, for all of you who have gone on missions, remember how you forgot names of your favorite songs, names of some of your friends, imagine how much nursing knowledge I have already forgotten!) And I didn´t even get to talk to or get training from Hna Adams before she left. It is a big step up but I know that if the Lord is asking it of me, he will help me. I have some books and stuff, and also I can call the Doctor for central American missions (hes a north American who is in Guatemala) anytime to ask him questions. he helps a lot and is very kind! I am learning a lot already. I get my own cell phone with international calls...woot woot! So I can call you guys whenever i want now...ha ha if only! But I get calls from missionaries all morning, all during lunch hour, and all evening when we´re in the house. I feel a little overwhelmed but I think with time, I will get used to it and who knows....I feel a little bad for my companion, but we are working with how to make it more efficient, because I am still working full-time as a proselyting missionary too. I have to find a good balance and I hope the missionaries can recognize that too and not call me for things that aren´t really that big of a deal. Its all a learning and growing experience right?

#3) I have been hearing about the bishop in this ward in La Joya for some time, that he is amazing and works super well with the missionaries. He loves them greatly and loves the mission work. Hna Chen says that no one loved them like the bishop did and that he is the best bishop she´s ever seen (better than her´s at home)....but sadly I never got to meet him. We went to his house my first night here, but no one was home. She told me he had been sick and later we found out they had gone to the hospital. Changes were on Thursday (long story) and on Friday we found out he had Dengue hemorrhagic, and on Saturday morning we got a call early that he had passed away....super sad. He was only 27 and left a wife who is pregnant and 2 little girls. All day Saturday they had his body in the chapel and a service in the evening. Then yesterday for sacrament mtg. we had his funeral service (just one hour of church) and another short one at noon (Elder Falabella form the area presidency came) and then we took him to the cemetery. The saddest part is the family he left behind, they are very delicate, but we know they will be taken care of. Its kind of a sad way to come into a new area, but the members are wonderful and I know we will be able to work together to move forward. Just wish I could´ve known him....I am studying and learning more about personal conversion and how to make it happen in our own lives and then how to help others to find that conversion too. I love my study (which is shortening with this whole new nurse thing- they are always calling me!)...but I know that Heavenly Father will help me and make up the difference. I am excited for the changes, Heavenly Father knew I was needed a push to give him more, so he just pulled it out of me. :) I hope I can give all that he needs from me. Pray for the family of Bishop Archaga and his wife, Mabel and her children. We have some good investigators right now, and are finding some new families...pray for us that they can progress! Right now the investigators that I just tell names for you to pray for are Tania, Katia, and Benigno."