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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Graduated from the CCM

Hermana King has officially graduated from the "Guatemalan MTC" and is about to start her third week in the field. She really misses all the wonderful times she had there but is excited to move forward. Please don't forget to email or write her, she could really use some uplifting encouragement!!!

Here are some great blips from her letters:

So I am right in the middle of Tegucigalpa in an area called Palmira. I´d rather be outside of the city (you know me) but I guess this is where the Lord needs me. My companion is Hna Naa from Tonga (another polynesian! :) ). She has 14 months in the mission. She speaks English but only speaks to me in spanish which is good for me. The weather here is nice because the city is surrounded my mtns so it is relatively cool. We hear in the south of the mission it is very hot but I would still rather be there. :)Our apt is teeny...but at least we have a real shower! :) I don´t have to heat up water in a pot to shower with, so that´s nice right. :) There are some awesome members in our area that I have already come to love very much. And most of the them haven´t been members that long...that are so kind and have strong testimonies even with very difficult trials.

So I get a lot of comments on my looks here...more so than I expected. They love my hair, and many cute little girls already love playing with my hair....which I´m totally fine with! :) They call me ¨barbie¨or ¨blancita¨(little white girl). They also always comment on my eyes. It´s funny because I do less to look nice here than usual. I think it´s just because I look different. There are only 2 other American Hermanas in the mission before we came and neither of them have ever served here. They´ve had American elders but not sisters. They are very complementary here. :)

Send her some food if you can, her comp hasn't taught her how to cook yet and doesn't do much eating herself. We have really enjoyed reading about her experiences and how her testimony has grown.