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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have a Very Merry Christmas

From Hermana King this week, I will post the pictures when I get home:

"SO we had a baptism yesterday...our first one! THere is a picture of it....Eliza, she is 9 and her whole family is members. She couldn´t get baptized when she was 8 because she had a surgery on her nose and couldn´t go under water until now. and since she is 9 she is considered a convert so we got to teach her all the lessons, etc. So not really a convert, but still it was exciting. They couldn´t do it on Saturday so we did it yesterday at 8am before church so she could be confirmed in church. She is really cute.So Hna Naa and I have both been sick all week with colds. We have still been working until yesterday....after church we came home and fell asleep until about 4 and decided to stay home. While I was sleeping though, I woke myself up about 10 times because I couldn´t breathe (congestion.)

So we had the Mission Christmas Party on Thrusday in the Hotel Marriott from was fun! I got to see Hna Okura and that was wonderful!! We took a whole mission photo and each zone performed their drama-skits we´ve been preparing. Ours was a day in the was kinda funny. THen we had lunch and went outside by the pool to do pinatas by zone. THen they gave everyone a zip up light jacket with the mission on the front. Then we went home so Hna Naa could pick what song she was going to dance to for the ward party that night at 6. She ended up picking the song that she taught me a couple weeks ago when we were stuck in the house...and somehow she talked me into to doing it with her! But it was really fun! We practiced a few times and went to the church. the activity was supposed to start at 6 but of course we are in Honduras, so it didn´t start until 7:30...oh boy. But we had about 8 investigators there and a tons of inactives. it actually turned out really well. And whne it was our turn, it was a surprise that I was dancing was cool. Hna Naa started with an introduction call in Hawaiian, then they turned out the lights and started the music. We lit candles and carried them in then kneeled down and blew out the candles. THey turned on the ligths and we danced....everyone loved it!! I ahve a video that you will see someday! It was really fun!" After all the skits, performances, etc. we had a dinner. The Banegas loved it!"

Hope you enjoyed it and I hope you sent her a Christmas package, cause it won't make it by now!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Address Update

Many of you have mentioned to Carianne that her addresses on the side bar were confusing. I have updated them in hopes that your plentiful letters and packages will make it their faster as well as your confidence in sending her even MORE!! This is the season for giving, so give her your love- send something to her!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is Almost here

Just some words from Carianne. As you know she LOVES Christmas time.

"So last Monday, I got your package and went home and put on Grandpa Ihli´s old CHristmas music and made me really happy. I LOVE IT!! And my comp really likes those CDs of Grandpas ;) We sleep with the christmas lights on (like i love to do at home) and I wake up really happy ;). Oh and finally Hna Naa danced for me! I have videos of it you will see someday!"
"SO yesterday we had our day in the house (due to elections.)CHurch was cancelled for all of Honduras and all the missionaries coúldn´t leave the house all day. We put our mattresses on the floor the night before and slept there (we have a bunkbed) I made a little fort over my mattress (ha ha!). It was kind of sad because I don´t have many resources but it was a fort nonetheless, and i was happy! Then Hna Naa taught me a hula! I have it on video too...but its not perfect. I just love learning Polynesian dance! She is going to teach me TOngan someday, she just needs to find music. Oh and everything went fine with the elections as far as we know. Hopefully this new president will do good here. My Thanksgiving was a interesting day. We had our district mtg and weekly planning. Our DL made us pancakes. THen we went went home for lunch and I was having a hard time because I was thinking of you all at home together. But once we went out to work, it got better. We had an awesome family home evening with Ana and her family. It was awesome because we brought a member couple in our ward and they were wonderful! Also, usually when we go there to teach, Marvin (one of their sons who is married also and has a little son), recently had surgery on his head and so has to stay in bed and we usually teach in his room with all of them there. But this night, we got there and they were all downstairs waiting for us (including Marvin). They always have really good questions and seem to really like it all. We talked about families and builing family relationships...they liked it a lot. And the best part was Marvin, who with a sincere look in his eyes, said, ÄS soon as I can, I am going to go to your church with my family.¨ You can tell he really feels the spirit of this message. It was so wonderful! Then on the way home, we stopped at Pizza Hut and I got a pizza and cheese bread and drinks for Hna Naa and I for my THanksgiving dinner...went home with it and ate it in out apt. It wasn´t quite TUrkey, jello, mashed potates, and chocolate pie, but it was good enough. And all of it for only 179 lempiras!!! ;) he he sounds like a lot eh? but really thats only $9."
We are excited to talk to her in just a few weeks.