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Monday, May 10, 2010

"Wow, so I am so excited to tell you all about the Luau! It was AWESOME!!! Best activity Honduras has EVER SEEN!!! Ok, so when we had our district conference, we had about 245 people....yeah, this activity, we had 335!!!! AND, the surprising thing is, it was pouring all afternoon, like the hardest I have seen it rain in Honduras so far. All the missionaries were at our church decorating, setting up chairs, etc. And about 2 pm it started coming down. The activity was supposed to be outside so we were all setting up outside (on the basketball courts) and when it started raining we all started dancing one of the group dances in the rain, it was so fun! We got soaked! And at one point during the dance it was coming down so hard, I couldn´t hardly see!!! So we left to go home and shower and get some last minute things ready...and walking in the streets it was a complete river! When we got to the boulevard it was like a lake up to our knees!!! It was sooo fun! And of course all the Hondurans think those mormons are nuts for being outside when its raining...ha ha So we went home and prayed really hard that there would be some way we could still have the activity, and come 5:30 its just sprinkling, so we go around all the chairs and tip the swimming pools off of them, and when everyone arrives, its not raining at all. It was such a blessing!! God loves us!!! Of course there were some crazy things but overall it was awesome!!! Hermana Fuka and I danced one together (Hawaiian) that she taught me the night before! I love it! I can´t wait for you to see videos of it! then the girls in our ward did their number (hawaii) that we´ve been teaching them. THen I did a SOLO!!! (Samoa) that the Samoan elder in our ward taught me. It was 6 min long, but I love it! He told me he was so proud of me afterwards, and thank you for learning it. Fuka did a Tonga solo, and one with poi balls (new zealand), then we had a group one with all the youth from all the branches! It was awesome!!! Everyone loved it!!! Pres and Hna Chaverri and the APs came and said it was amazing! Oh I´m sure I´ll have more stories for you, but I´ll be talking to you in a week! woo hoo! "

The rain before the show...
We got to talk to Hermana King on Mother's Day- oh how sweat to hear her voice! You all know she has a good one too! She said that the Elder who taught her this dance practiced with her the whole time, and she did not realize until late in the game that is was actually a solo. But of course, like everything she does, it was wonderful and people are still talking about it even a few weeks later.

Her solo dance...
Her and her companion, Hermanda Fuka, and Elder Falesui, (the Polynesians)

"I had transfers...I am now in the south of Honduras, in a city called Choluteca. And guess what? IT IS SUPER HOTT!!! Wow, hotter than hotter than hot! I am telling you....I am just wet and sweaty and tired all the time. I wipe my face every 5 seconds and its just dripping. And dripping down my yummy. :) We buy water to drink in between every cita practically. I am really tired all the time (as in sleepy), boy this sun sure takes everything out of you, but I hope that I will get used to the weather here. I am excited though, because I have a good companion, Hna Bala, from Guatemala. She only has 2 transfers in the mission but she is excited to work, and work hard! I think it will be a good change. We are working with a couple right now to get them married, and then they will be baptized to join their 3 kids that are already members (and 4 more little ones that aren´t old enough)"
"We have lots of little friends in our geckos, TONS of mosquitos who have already taken plenty of bites out of me, huge flying cockroaches, lots of other little bugs everywhere that I don´t know the names of, and I keep hearing about tarantulas, but luckily haven´t seen one!"