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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An update on our little Carianne. She is enjoying being in the Guatemalan MTC. She says the rooms and the food are way nicer than the Provo MTC! Who would have known. She only has a few weeks left before she is shoved out the door into the field- the white field!!!

Her top reason for enjoying South America- Everyone is shorter than her!!! Literally. No, she is enjoying growing closer to her Father in Heaven, Learning more about the depth of our Saviors love and the atonement as well as working hard with help to make her weaknesses her strengths.

Hermana King always welcomes packages filled with candy and pantyhose. I have her dress size in case you want to send her some clothes! Other things she would like- Spanish/English pocket size dictionary and and English pocket size hymnal. I am sure she is bringing many smiles to the people through the spirit that she radiates.