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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On Sunday, we got to church and the branch president asked me to play the piano (normally we don{t have anything, but this week they brought a keyboard) and everyone loved it...they loved having music to go along with their singing finally. And I will now be teaching a class on Saturdays to the members who want to learn how to play the piano. There are several that are SO excited to learn! It makes me excited for them, because then when I leave, hopefully one of them can take over and they won´t be without music again.
So in the fields surrounding the Villa, there are fields of sugar cane and they are harvesting right now, so that means they have to burn the cane, to make it easier to cut down or something. Then all the ashes go up in the sky, float over the town, and fall, almost constantly. So it´s like its raining ashes...lovely. Especially when the houses have roofs that don´t keep anything out, so we come home and we have ashes all over EVERYTHING!!!! and we usually have dishes in the sink because we don´t always have water to wash them with...we just have to wait until the water comes. oh the adventures of honduras... ha ha So guess what?!?! We went hiking in the mountains today for P-day! I was sooooooo happy and have been looking forward to it all week! We went with our zone of 10 missionaries and a bunch of the youth from our ward. We hiked for about 3-4 hours and got to some waterfalls….there were 3 different ones and the youth splashed us all until we were soaked….but it felt really good. I had my Chaco´s and it was perfect! Everyone was jealous of my ability to just walk in the water and not worry about my shoes…mwa ha ha It was such a fun day!! But I know I´m going to feel it tomorrow because I haven´t done anything for like 5 months!
Oh man, so this week I was leading the music in Sacrament Mtg and there is no piano so the person leading the music just gives the tone at the beginning (sing like the first line) and then everyone together. Well I went up there and they had picked a song I didn´t know!! I was like uh oh how am I going to give the tone?!?! I just made it up as well as I could looking at the notes, but wow…. Good thing we weren´t in the states because here nobody really has tone so I´m sure they didn´t mind, but it was still funny.

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